Who is Nate?

He thinks about
"challenging behaviors" differently

Nate Sheets is a behavior consultant and parent coach with over 12 years of experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. He specializes in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs), trauma, and cognitive skills.
Photo is of Nate Sheets, a white man with a beard wearing a blue sweater.


Nate's brain-based approach is unique and allows for us to value a person's brain regardless of who they are. He helps parents and professionals understand the complex demands of everyday situations, allowing us to problem-solve alternative support strategies. 

Nate's Approach...

... values neurodivergence

... meets the person where they are at

... focuses on connection & safety over compliance and "normal" behaviors

Cognitive Supports

Nate guides those supporting neurodivergent people put proactive supports in place.
This helps with everyday interactions, processing information, and improving emotional regulation. 



Cognitive Supports are not "quick and easy".
It is an advanced framework that takes practice on everyone's part. 


Education / Experience / Interests

Nate learned what he knows in the way his brain learns best: experience

Bachelor's of Business Administration

Warner Pacific College; Portland, OR

12 years of experience in Developmental Disabilities

Nate has experience working with all developmental disabilities, including Autism and intellectual disabilty

12 years of experience working with foster children

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Nate struggles with disability caused by executive dysfunction. 

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