If you are intersted in referring a client to Cognitive Supports/Oregon Behavior Consultation, please read all of the information on the right. 

CDDP's: a client is not considered referred unless the form below is filled out. We do not respond to mass emails seeking consultation. 

Nate works with clients of all ages. 

Private Clients:

Nate is willing to work with any private client after he determines if the requested work is within his scope of practice, qualifications, and schedule. He specializes in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD’s), Autism, and foster care. He has worked with people who have experienced significant early trauma.

Oregon Developmental Disability clients:

Nate works with ODDS clients in all Oregon counties who have diagnosed or suspected prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs (FASD). If you are a parent or foster provider seeking services, please send this page's link to your county coordinator so they can refer your child/client.

ADDED 12/2021; CDDP's: it is required that families receiving FBA services fill out several forms online only. Because these are advanced forms that change depending on what information is provided, mailed-out forms are NOT an option. Please refer families who can meet this expectation or who you are willing to directly support in filling out the forms. Please contact Nate before referring if accommodations are needed or if you have questions.