It’s a Brain Thing! One-Day FASD Webinar (Parents & Foster Providers)



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This webinar is a one-day workshop, and will be recorded and available for 7 days after the workshop. It starts at 9am and goes until around 4pm.

The “It’s a Brain Thing!” workshop is an intensive, one-day FASD workshop, focusing on brain-based, practical supports for families and caregivers of children, teenagers, and adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Despite prenatal alcohol exposure being the top cause of FASD’s, intellectual disabilities, and learning disabilities in the world, there is very little information and very few services for those living with it. Parents of children with FASD’s spend a lot of time looking for services that simply aren’t there. Additionally, many traditional parenting approaches and therapies do not work for people with FASD’s. This leads to stress, trauma, and ongoing challenging behaviors.

Photo is of Nate Sheets, a white man with a beard wearing a blue sweater.Nate Sheets is an international FASD behavior consultant, author, and trainer who helps parents understand their child’s brain, behaviors, and strengths. With 12 years of professional experience with FASD, developmental disabilities, and foster care, Nate’s Cognitive Supports™ model guides parents through many of the complicated and challenging situations that their child may go through, and offers a practical framework.

In this workshop, Nate will challenge your views of your child’s behaviors, offering you alternative interpretations and strategies to try. We’ll cover FASD, early-childhood stress/trauma, Executive Dysfunction, skills building, and challenging behaviors.